Electronic Targets

The electronic targets offer the distinct advantage of immediate feedback without the added cost of a marker. They offer a quick and reliable reading of fall of shot on the target through either a closed (box type) shot detection system or open four sensor system.
At the NSC, we have three brands of electronic target systems at long range across Short Siberia, Century, Stickledown and Chobham Ridge. If you wish to know which type of target you have been allocated, please contact the Range Office.


Distances and Locations





Kongsberg (Butt 19)

200x Tue & Wed
100x Thu & Fri












100x (Saturday)

200x (Sunday)

Note: The Intarso target during fallbacks will remain as a 600x face in the butts but scoring set to 300x or 500x

There is also a ShotMarker system set up on Chobham Ridge range for the purpose of indicating initial zeroing.

Parking and Access

The range benefits from parking at 300, 500 and 600 yards, with dedicated disabled access to target 37 at 600 yards. 600 yards additionally features a number of covered troop shelters and a toilet block. There is also a road to the right hand side of lane 108 that permits vehicle access to 200x and 100x, there is limited parking behind and to the side of the 100x firing point.
For the 1000x targets there is parking at the back of the firing point or in the car park by the Clock Tower. At 900x parking will be restricted to the range floor unless disabled access is required. You will need to park at 1000x and walk forward.
Short Siberia
The electronic targets are located on the right hand side of the range. Parking is to the left in the large car park. There are a couple of disabled parking bays marked out by the 100x gate.


When making a booking, please choose one of the following options (*range may vary*):
‘*Century* Electronic’ to be for a specific hourly slot. I.e. 08:30 – 10:30
‘*Century* Electronic (Session)’ to be for a whole AM or PM session
Please note, selecting the wrong option may mean you are incorrectly charged


It is important before using our systems that:

•    Your rifle is zeroed
If you fail to ensure your rifle and sights are correctly set for the distance you are shooting on, and as a result equipment is damaged, you may be asked to leave the range and be charged for damages, (see following section ‘Charges for Damage to Electronic Targetry’)
•    You are familiar with the system
Upon arriving on the range the system will be set up for your use, and except for minimal settings (i.e. target face), should not be altered. If a fault occurs due to core systems/device settings being altered, you will not be eligible for compensation of any time lost.

•    Please note that .22 and sub-sonic rounds are unlikely to register on the electronics

•    Please note black powder is not permitted on electronic targets

Please see the following guides for each of our systems:


Our systems undergo regular maintenance checks and refurbishment, however at times faults may still develop.
If you are experiencing issues, or would like more information, please radio the range office and they will either advise you or send an electronics technician out to you ASAP depending on the nature of the issue.

If you have no shot detection:

•    Ensure correct elevation and sight settings for distance/wind conditions
•    After a maximum of 2 shots, report the fault to Range Control via the radio that will be located on the firing point
•    Do not continue to shoot, as this may exacerbate the problem, and lead to loss of shooting time/damage to the system
•    Do not cross lane shoot to check functionality
Please note: the systems will not record subsonic rounds (i.e. .22).

Charges for Damage to Electronic Targetry

Damage to target frames housing various sensors and cables, together with evidence of shots hitting areas beyond the targets (e.g. number boards with multiple shot holes) confirms some shooters have been using electronic targets without correctly zeroed firearms or sight settings.  This results in costly repairs and targets being taken out of use at short notice.
It is a requirement that you ensure your firearm has been zeroed and the sights are set correctly before you begin shooting at the electronic targets.
As stated in the range bookings terms and conditions:
Clubs/individuals will be held liable for any damage to range infrastructure or electronic targetry components. The full cost of any such damage will be charged to the club/individual. If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions together will all costs we incur in pursuing claim against you.

Refunds/Credit Notes
If the fault is determined to be damage caused by the individual/club then no refund will be given.

Other types of electronic targetry

Turning Targets:
•    Cheylesmore Bay B
•    Butt Zero left hand and centre bay
•    Melville Bays B-E
•    Short Siberia right hand side
•    Winans Bay A
Moving Targets:
•    Butt Zero centre bay (Lateral)
•    Melville Bay A (Advancing)
Steel Buffalo
•    Stickledown lane 51
•    Light detection system